mTip: Going Bananas?

Bananas, past their aesthetic prime,
completely edible if you’re NOT a kid. 

Going…going…freeze ’em before they’re gone!

From toddlers to teenagers, kids seem to have this uncanny ability spot an over-ripe banana with laser precision accuracy. Then, of course, refuse to have anything to do with it. Because, well…”brown spots”.

“Not gonna eat it…NO WAY!”

So we red-blooded American parents need to beat them at their own game and get them to eat those perfectly fine bananas, even if it entails covert ops.

After they go to bed: Peal the bananas in question, hide any evidence of peels UNDER the compost pile, wrap them individually and discretely in parchment paper and hide them in the freezer. They will last in their “safe house” (deep freeze) for a few months. In the mean time feel free to slip them, at will, into fruit smoothies, use them as a binder in vegan baked goods, or run them through a Champion Juicer (with the blank plate in place for homogenizing) to make some quick “ice cream”.

Your kids, as they are enjoying a delicious tropical fruit smoothie, warm homemade muffin or ice cream for breakfast (why not, it’s just a banana?),will be none-the-wiser. You can just sit back with a smug smile, feeling pretty darn clever. Don’t ask, don’t tell.

Bananas tucked away in their safe house, the freezer.


  1. urbanchique

    September 21, 2011

    Good idea! Maybe I am lazy but I just put my brown bananas in the freezer in the peel and then run them under cold water to peel when I need them. Never waste a banana, nature’s perfect fruit!