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  1. Home Remedy: One Cure for the Common Cold

    A raw apple cider vinegar steam bath,one cure for the common cold. When one of us has head and chest congestion, twice-a-day raw apple cider vinegar (ACV) steam baths are...
  2. White Out! Recycling Foam (aka Styrofoam)

    Clean foam foodservice containersand some foam packaging materials await recycling.(“Styrofoam” is a trademarked foam product of the Dow Chemical Companyand since I have no idea who made this stuff, “foam”...
  3. mTip: Tee It Up for Spring Cleaning!

    Get a jump on spring cleaningby stocking up on “reuse” tee-shirt cleaning clothsin the quiet of winter. As Chief Laundress of the Drake home,it is my prestigious duty to deem clothing unfit...
  4. Locked & Loaded for 2012

    A fresh perspectivefrom my NEW potting shed office.  Fifteen months…let me repeat FIFTEEN MONTHS without an office or even a desk to call my own, and today FINALLY here I...
  5. What’s HOT & What’s NOT for 2012

    Goodbye Dining Out, Hello Dining IN! As our family moves into our fourth year of this “Non-Recession” Recession, we definitely have a New Normal around our house. Although I’m reminded daily by my three...